Exceptional neighbourhood

The building Elizabeth is located at 3 Elizabetes Street, the Quiet сentre — the most respectable part of Riga. The Quiet сentre means an excellent infrastructure along with rich historical heritage and convenient transport links; at the same time it means the tranquility and ecology of parks, guarding this part of the centre from the rush
of the rest of the city.

An opportunity to live in this part of Riga featuring ex-
cellent examples of architecture and heritage of the world’s culture was a true privilege 100 years ago as well as today.

Elizabetes Street

Being part of Riga’s historic ring of boulevards, the street to this day remains one of the greenest, and invites unhurried strolls.

Elizabetes Street which was named after the Empress Elizabeth, wife of Alexander I (nee Princess Louise-Marie-Auguste of Baden) is one of the most beautiful and longest (2015 m) streets in Riga. It fascinates with its abundance of significant monuments of Art Nouveau and Eclectic architecture.

The buildings of Elizabetes Street are inhabited by embassies, apartment houses, hotels, restaurants, and offices.

Tranquil Lifestyle

Cozy Park Areas

Building Elizabeth is situated in one of the greenest corners of the city centre, surrounded by a number of city squares and parks.

One of the advantages of the Quiet centre is the opportunity to enjoy the cool greenery of one of the three most famous parks of Riga: Kronvalds Park, the park Esplanade and Viesturs’ Park.

The Quiet Centre

Aristotle Onassis was once asked about the secret of his success. “Owning a decent location” — replied the world-famous businessman, telling reporters about the location for his first office on Fifth Avenue. Perhaps this is the reason why agencies of the most respected enterprises, as well as most embassies have been located in the Quiet centre.

This part of the city embodies a modern business centre with embassies and consulates of different countries, prestigious offices, and at the same time it is a favourite resting-place for intellectuals of Riga offering numerous architec-
tural monuments, fine restaurants, wine studios, confectioneries, as well as galleries of classic and contemporary art.

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